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Thanks for visiting our web site.  We know your time is valuable and appreciate you spending it here.   Jones and Associates was founded in the mid 80's by Bobby Jones.  Over the past many years we have strived to keep up with technology and maintain a level of excellence.

Mr. Jones has been involved in accident reconstruction on an FULL time basis since the early 80's and has over 25 years of experience in this field.


Our Mission

We are committed to providing accurate reconstructions of events based on physical evidence and known facts.


Company Profile

Jones and Associates can provide you with accident reconstruction services as well as 3D graphical presentations.  These 3D presentations my include simple still images or complex animations.   Having been involved in the business on a daily basis provides a daily challenge, constantly honing our skills.

Our client database is extensive.  We have worked for individuals, private law firms, insurance industry and government agencies.  Some of our clients include State Farm Insurance, Allstate Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, Erie Insurance, State of Florida, State of Tennessee, Various Large Trucking Firms, just to mention a few.  We have worked equally for plaintiff and defense, prosecution and criminal defense.

Our Associates

We associate ourselves with people with expertise in various disciplines.  All of our associates are qualified and experienced.






Bobby Jones, Jr., Senior Reconstruction

Sandie Jones, Chemical and Environmental Engineering Technologies Specialist

Hobie Clapp, Special Investigator, Accident Reconstructionist

Shawn Hughes, Expert Forensic Consultant

Gabe Mullinax, Special Investigator, Accident Reconstructionist

William Jones, Special Investigator, Accident Reconstructionist

Randall Tanghe, Accident Reconstructionist

Morris Denson Smith, Accident Reconstructionist, Tire Forensics Expert

Bobby Jones, Sr., Master Accident Reconstructionist and Senior Expert Advisor 1932-2004

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