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Anit-Lock Brakes


Anti-lock brakes work very efficiently. 


Did you know that you can steer while braking with Anti-lock brakes?  


The combination of braking and steering may increase your chances of avoiding a collision. 


Conversely panic steering during ant-lock brake application may cause your vehicle yaw out of control or overturn. 


Know your vehicle performance parameters before you have to apply them.




The Black Box

Not all cars are equipped with an electronic data recorder.  If your vehicle is, there is a good chance that pre-crash data can be downloaded using specialized equipment. 

In some vehicles, up to 5 seconds of pre-crash data is recorded including but not limited to the status of the brakes, accelerator and the vehicle's speed.  Keep this in mind the next time you feel the urge to travel over the speed limit.  Like it or not.

Please drive safe.

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