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If you have not seen or used a laser scanner, or more importantly the results, you are missing out.  

Think laser scanners are financially out of reach?  Think again, competition is fierce and it's finally in your favor.

Contact me for questions about laser scanners.  





Imagine in less than 20 minutes you can setup, scan, photograph and more. Collecting data like never before and with the new Cad Zone Point Cloud software, you can actually use the data to create diagrams that you can really use. In the past, these units required too much time, too much power and too much specialized training. Not to mention that if you didn't use the system often, you likely would forget how to operate the unit or the software. The biggest disappointment was training to actually use the data and prove its accuracy and reliability. Today its all different, in minutes you can collect millions of points and less than a couple of hours you can have a complete (yes I said complete) diagram ready for print.
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