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The documents portal is the place where you will find items for download or viewing. You must be a registered user to gain access to specific areas.  As a registered user you will be given access to areas of the portal that are pertinent to your needs.  If you find you do not have access to a specific area, please email admin@reconstructionist.com.  If you are a student, please specify the name and date of the class. Documents and some movies can be downloaded to your hard drive. Adobe Acrobat reader is required for most of the downloadable documents. Flash Player is required to view most of the movies online. Downloadable movies will likely require Windows Media Player. You will be prompted by your browser as to the specific needs of files from this site. We share this information freely with our students and colleagues as reference only.  The material may not be used for commercial use without specific written permission by Bobby Jones.  We have worked very hard over the years to produce documents and movies that are beneficial to our users.  From time to time we make mistakes.   Should you find any information in error, please bring it to our attention.  Should you have specific knowledge of supporting documents relative to any errors found, please forward that information so it can be shared with our users. Thanks,
Bobby Jones
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